Friday, August 01, 2008


So, how about that DNS vulnerability, huh?

Brings back memories of the days gone by when vulnerabilities and attacks regularly threatened the entire internet rather than being as targeted as they are now. Well, I guess this time there's a pretty ubiquitous hole that can be used for targeted attacks until folks patch. If they haven't they're nuts.

Meanwhile... Dan K suggests using OpenDNS since they were fixed before many ISPs. Having one place provide DNS to a lot of people kind of paints a giant target on their backs but then again that's no different than any major ISP's DNS servers. OpenDNS beat a lot of ISP's to the punch in patching so maybe that is an indiciation of the kind of shop they run. Plus they offer content filtering, typo fixing, and phishing protection features. Nice.

But, you probably knew all that, right?

So why didn't you tell me? :)

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