Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Radio Tracking for Backup Tapes

Fujifilm bugs backup tapes with LoJack device

Looks like it runs $150/mo to track your tapes and reduce the likelihood of tapes going missing as has happened to quite a number of organizations over the last few years.

Is this really the best solution? How often do tapes go missing and how much damage does it cause? What level of risk mitigation does this technology afford? How does encryption of the data on the tapes compare in cost? Those are the questions I'd be asking myself if I were in a position of managing this risk.

I think I'd rather know my lost tapes were unreadable than to possibly know where my readable lost tapes were. Y'know?

I say "possibly" because I am guessing the lojack thingy is probably not 100% tamper resistant.


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  1. Fantastic, and yet very simple.



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